Hi! I'm Roy Kueppers. Welcome to my site!

I am a Magician and Master Machinist, and since 1992, I have combined my passion for magic with my skills as an artisan to design & manufacture precision magic props for Magicians around the world.
Along with my custom work, I now offer a select line of stock products, all of which I personally create.
Many of my products are also tested and critiqued by a select group of other magicians I have found to be a source of inspiration and a good "second opinion" on my products. This ensures that you get the best possible end product available for spreading the joy of magic throughout the world.
I invite you to peruse through my site here and see what I offer! Feel free to email or call with any questions you may have.



Roy Kueppers
Magician & Master Craftsman

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R.K Chinese Coin's NOW AVAILABLE



New KuKarate Coin By Roy Kueppers Released

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"METAL 3" by Eric Jones & Ellusionist

Since Eric's "Metal 3" was released last month, I have received numerous inquiries about the coin Gaffs Eric uses in the DVD. Therefore, I am simplifying your search by listing the coin sets that are needed to perform the routines on the DVD.

Eric uses 2 Copper/Silver coins in his routines. One is Tails/Tails and the other is Heads/Heads.

He also uses a set that he has named OXF where it involves a Shimmed Shell and a Magnetic Flipper.

The Flipper coin and Expanded shell are used in a couple of his routines on the DVD and are available on this site under Flipper coins and under Expanded Shells.

Menage a 3Michael Afshin and Roy Kueppers present MENAGE A 3 with Gaffed coins from Roy Kueppers and the following Routines Taught by Michael Afshin!

The DVD comes with all coins needed to perform all of the Routines above. You will receive 8 coins in Total ( 5 High Quality Gaffed coins & 3 Regular Matching ).

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Ellusionist Artifact R2 Coins GAFFED Ellusionist Artifact Coins!
The Ellusionist Artifact Coins were created for the coin man who desires all of the properties, beauty, and antique richness that are found in coins such as the Walking Liberty or the Barber Half dollar, without the heavy price tag associated with original antique coins.
You can buy the gafffed coins from me, rather than buying the ungaffed ones from Ellusionist and then shipping them to me.
• Expanded Shell • Shimmed Coin • Magnetic Coin • Flipper • Folding Coins (1 & 2 fold) • Copper/Silver

David Roth Aluminum BoxesDavid Roth Brass BoxesWOW! Master coin magician David Roth is SO impressed with my work that he's made me the exclusive manufacturer for his coin boxes, available from him at his lectures.
"These Boxes are absolutely beautiful. I just Love the way Roy machined these boxes. The edges are nicely rounded, the walls are nice and thick which works well for balancing a coin on, they are nicely polished and the weight is perfect. They also hold an Expanded shell which is what I wanted. What else can I say except that everything about them is just great"! - David Roth
See the demos here.

"BWAK" (Black Widow Accessory Kit) to take Black Widow to a WHOLE new level! Six GREAT effects!

"Superman 2.0" is now available! $40!