For centuries, coins have been as indespensible tool for the close-up magician, and the quality of the gaffs has been astounding. I'm a proud part of that tradition, personally crafting each & every item, so each gets the special care and attention I would give as if it were the only one of its kind. You can rest assured you are buying the best props for your vocation, hobby or magic collection.

I work by myself in my shop. I do all the designing and construction. Many of my products are also tested and critiqued by a select group of other magicians I have found to be a source of inspiration and a good "second opinion" on my products. This ensures that you get the best possible end product available for spreading the joy of magic throughout the world.

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Remember, I also offer custom coin work using coins of virtually any nationality and denomination.
All coin effects are available in Euros!
Please feel free to contact me for a quote!