Roy Kueppers

Lethal Tender


This effect, by the great master Steve Dusheck, uses a unique self-working gimmick to amaze and astonish your audience. No sleights are necessary so it is a must for all experience levels. The precision-made set of coins includes two superb routines.

A card case containing a card and a Chinese coin is presented. The Chinese coin is removed and placed on top of the case. Remove the card and gently wave it above the Chinese coin. What! It has changed to a half-dollar. Pass the card over the half-dollar and it INSTANTLY changes back to a Chinese coin. In the second effect, a brass Chinese coin and a half-dollar are shown on the inside of a wallet. On the other side of the wallet is a playing card. The card is removed from the wallet and the spectator is given a choice of either coin. The selected coin is removed from the wallet. The other coin stays inside the wallet. The wallet is folded. The selected coin is placed immediately over the coin that is still in the wallet. The visible coin is tapped with the card and the two coins instantly change places.

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US Quarter, Canadian Quarter, US Half-Dollar, Canadian Toonie, Canadian Loonie


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