My product line specializes in close-up magic with exception of my handcrafted wands. Each and every item is made personally by me, and each one gets the special care and attention I would give as if it were the only one of its kind. You can rest assured you are buying the BEST props for your vocation, hobby or magic collection.

My standard product line can be divided into four catagories:
Coin Boxes
Wands & Wand Cases
Other Products, including "Kueppers Keepers" Coin Wallets, and "Signature Products" which I hand-craft for Jay Sankey, Bob Farmer and others.

Don’t forget, I also offer custom work, ranging from custom coins and custom props, to prototyping & manufacturing.

All prices are in US dollars, and I can work with coins of virtually any nationality & denomination.
Please feel free to contact me for a quote!

All coin effects are available in Euros!