Bob Farmer (Magician, Magic Inventor, Writer, Lawyer, Musician, and general all-around great guy)
"Several years ago I had an idea for a revolutionary new set of gimmicks, to be made of metal and plastic. I had prototypes made in the U.S. and in Europe by several different craftsman, but none of them were satisfactory and all had major flaws. I concluded my idea was impossible.

Then I met Roy Kueppers.

Without telling him about all the guys that had tried and failed, I sketched out my idea and asked him if he could make it. Roy said he could. Two weeks later, a package arrived at my house: not only had Roy managed to succeed where all others had failed, but he'd improved the gimmicks with several clever ideas.

At my house we have a picture of Roy and every night I light a candle in front of it and tell the kids, "He is a god, do not offend him or he will smite you with his milling machine."

Jay Sankey
"Over the years I've worked with a number of manufacturers, but I can say without reservations that Roy is one of the very best. Always professional, always knowledgeable, there is nothing he can't make. Roy manufactures some of the most beautiful props on the planet!"

Paul Richards, Elmwood Magic
"Roy Kueppers is a rare find in the world of magic....heck he's a rare find, period! A craftsman, a gentleman, and a magician, all rolled into one. But the best part about working with Roy is that he is always thinking. He never fails to improve upon our ideas and the final product is always better because of his input. If you are looking for quality, well crafted, custom coin work...stop now, because your search is over."

David Ben
I suppose I should give an unqualified testimonial to Roy Kueppers and his work.  Unfortunately, I was hoping to keep this superb craftsman to myself.  Oh well, the secret's out.

Jeff Pinsky, Browser's Den of Magic, Toronto, Canada
Roy Kueppers has been supplying us with his specially made coins and other supplies for the past six years. Not only is it a pleasure to carry such well made product but it is a pleasure to do business with such a gentleman. Roy loves magic and it shows in his work.

Charles Schneider
I got the Wand just the other day and it is INCREDIBLE. I want to carry it with me everywhere.!!!

It is the most beautiful wand I will ever own, unless I get you to make me another !!! Seriously, it FEELS and looks so elegant and powerful. This is the wand the original James Bond would have owned, if he was a magician. It is so slick and flawlessly machined etc....PERFECTION. I would have waited a year for it! I thank you humbly. What else can you tell me bout that amazing African wood? Now I need a case to carry such a treasure in!

I am at a point in life where I needed a new and really awesome magic wand...in more ways than one. a wand to point the way to the future, to new art and creations, to honoring my folks memories (both passed this year) and on and on...and with this work of quiet genius by you..well...I have a tool that is going to help me get there!

Walking Liberty w'shim is also perfect....& excited to start working with Boxes....But I digress!

Martin Oehlbaum (Switzerland)
I just received the Morgan shell, thank you for the prompt and reliable delivery ! ( when ordering a shell from Schoolcraft I had to wait up to 3 month for delivery ! )

The craftmanship on this coin just amazes me ! Works like a charm with the Morgan Dollars I have ! The border goes down almost completeley something I have not seen before ( looks so much better than the Schoolcraft shell) and glides so smoothly over my softened Dollars ! What pleases me most is the super quiet unshelling combined with the fit, as I have taken down a tiny bit from the border of my Dollars it is just an amazing balance between fit and easy going unshelling, which is a blast for the Homer Liwag Coin 2 routine as well as the Michael Vincent 3 fly ! ( with the Schoolcraft shell the quiet and easy unshelling was cumbersome to say the least) . I really like the signature inside of the shell, great idea ! ( can yoiu create such a neat looking signature for my name as well ? )

Thank you again and keep up the good work !

Danny Orleans
Your custom woodwork is just what I needed. Did I tell you I've had three other woodworkers try to make this special gimmick for me? But they had neither the patience, nor the attention for detail to get it right. You'll be hearing from me again soon.

Felix Ruiz

Roy, I can only say that I opened the envelope ... and almost cried from joy to see the quality of your products. Awesome!!.
I am very happy to have made this purchase. Thank you, Roy.

Joe Ferranti
Wilmington, Ma.

This is spectacular! Bettter than my expectations.
As a semi professional magician, my clients pay me "Real Money".
Semi Pro merely means I do it less often than a full time pro. However the quality of my performance and the quality of my
props have got to be onthe same level as the full time pro.
I am so pleased with the custom Morgan dollar shell/set that Roy made for me.
I can perceive zero distortion of the expanded shell. All the coins "seat" perfectly.
I have not ever seen better work. When I first started looking around for a craftsman/artist to do my work, I contacted two other people
as well as Roy. The only person to respond was Roy Kueppers. Am I glad he did. In the future, if I need custom work I will inquire directly to Roy.
Don't let anyone fool you. Roy's work is equal to any designer/manufacturer of custom coin artistry.