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Custom Cups & Balls

By: Roy Kueppers

This specific set of cups (see below) was hand crafted from a solid block of aluminum, unlike your typical set of lightweight spun cups. Just picking one up and feeling the weight will tell you that these cups are the real thing.

I know that over the last few years, different companies have started making cups that are also machined from a solid block however I must emphasize the difference. I personally hand machine every detail in each cup and no two cups are exactly the same. To look at them, you would not know the difference. It takes me approximately 80 hours to make a set of 3. I can make the cups from literally any material including brass, aluminum, copper, and exotic wood. I can also make the cups look exactly like you want them to. I will work with the purchaser in design until I have drafted what they had in their mind.

The production cups that are being made by other shops are made on a CNC machine. This means that each cup will be identical to the next and flawless, but it is important to understand that you are buying an automatically-machined set of cups that someone else has designed. To sum it up, someone writes a program (with desired dimensions), and pops the disc in the machines computer, close the door, hit the green button and voila ! Chances are, they will not fit your hand correctly and may not be the cup you would have chosen had you had the chance to design it yourself. The most important difference between the cups I make and the production version is that every cup I make is “HAND CRAFTED”. I specialize in craftsmanship and like so many serious Magicians that I do work for, I also still believe in Magic as an Art, and what I do is exactly that…. ART!

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