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I am a Magician and Master Machinist, and since 1991, I have combined my passion for magic with my skills as an artisan to design & manufacture precision magic props for Magicians around the world. Along with my custom work, I now offer a select line of stock products, all of which I personally create. Many of my products are also tested and critiqued by a select group of other magicians I have found to be a source of inspiration and a good "second opinion" on my products. This ensures that you get the best possible end product available for spreading the joy of magic throughout the world. I invite you to peruse through my site here and see what I offer! Feel free to email or call with any questions you may have.

Featured Products

VOYAGER - (Coin Matrix)

In this project, Gogo Cuerva and Roy Kueppers have joined forces to bring you Voyager- A show tested matrix routine like no other. Voyager is an angle proof, no shell, multi-phase matrix routine, that will leave your audience mesmerized. With voyager, you will receive everything you need to perform this routine. You will receive an instructional break down of the routine, put together in various segments, going over the routine structure, scripting, the moves, Gogo Cuerva’s subtleties for handling the coins and gimmick, his show notes and inspiration behind voyager. Learn Gogo Cuerva’s opener today!

Rocco's TenKai Cards

Effect: Both hands are shown empty. From nowhere, a single card Magically appears at the fingertips and is tossed into the air and caught. One at a time more cards appear until 5 cards are displayed between the fingers. The cards then Vanish one at a time as they are seemingly placed onto a table or close up pad etc. Both hands are now shown empty.

Rocco's TenKai cards comes with a set of 5 Cards in either Bicycle Blue back or Bicycle Red back. The playing card value is available in one of the following options. JH,JD,JS,JC,QH,QD,QS,QC,KH,KD,KS, or KC. All 5 cards will be of the same suit.

Rocco’s Symphony Coins

With the Symphony Coins you will be able to show your hands empty, then miraculously PRODUCE 4 COINS out of thin air. ..OR if you prefer, make each coin appear ONE at A TIME. Make coins mysteriously vanish, appear and even make the coins jump from hand-to-hand — right before the spectators eyes.
Take your Matrix, Coins Across and Three Fly routines to the next level.
Symphony Coins are meticulously hand crafted by Roy Kueppers

Feather Thru Coin

From the creative minds of Greg Gleason and Roy Kueppers comes this very cool effect.
EFFECT: In front of the spectators eyes, a feather is used to penetrate right thru a quarter. it is clearly seen penetrating as it is pushed thru the coin. the feather can be seen protruding from the back side of the coin as it melts right thru. The complete penetration can be watched right till the last second. the coin can instantly be seen from front and back sides to show that the coin is solid and reveals no possible way for it to have penetrated. Full video explamation and instructions are included as well as two different colored feathers.

Gripper Coins

Gripper Coins

Introducing the Gripper Coins. The Gripper Coins are a special, handmade coin that has a space-age silicone band embedded into the edge of the coin which prevents it from slipping in just about any palming position you decide to use. For the beginner coin workers, the Gripper Coins will enhance your learning process immensely when you are practicing your various palming moves. And for the seasoned professionals, the Gripper Coins will give you that sure-locking feel in any of your desired coin palms. The Gripper Coin comes in 6 different denominations, the U.S. quarter, the U.S. half dollar, the Euro 50 cent piece, the British 10 pence, the U.S. Eisenhower and the English penny.

Ramsay Stack

Ramsay Stack's

My Ramsay Stack and Cylinder sets are available in many different coin denominations. The coins in each set are soldered together and hollowed out to hold a cork, or other object. I even bore a recess into the bottom of the top coin to give more depth for the load. Each set includes a Leather cylinder, CSS (Cylinder Support Sleeve), Solid Coin Stack & 2 Corks. The CSS is a Kueppers innovation and is a tube that fits inside the cylinder during storage and travel to prevent it from collapsing. It is important that the cylinder remains round so it nests and denests from the stack with ease and without hanging up. From- Roy Kueppers - World of Magic


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