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Custom Wands

Custom wands made from exotic wood, quality metal and finished to perfection!

Hand-Crafted Wands

I make some unique and beautifully hand-crafted wands. I have also recently introduced a special “Cups & Balls” wand! (see below)
I can make wands to preference by.
Shaft Material: Crafted with Exotic Wood – including
African Ebony – Is the Blackest wood available and makes for the best Natural Black Traditional Wand without having to stain or paint.
Cocobolo – It stands up well to repeated handling and exposure to water, a common use is in gun grips and knife handles. It is very hard, fine textured, and dense, but is easily machined.
Purpleheart – Purpleheart an expensive wood and used in applications that require toughness.
Tulipwood –  The wood is very light, but very strong and is used in many applications, including furniture, joinery and moldings.

All my wands that are made from Exotic woods and are sanded, polished and buffed with Authentic Carnuba Wax to give them the ultimate shine and smooth texture.

Customization Options  Include:
Shaft Materials:  Are crafted with Exotic Woods as mentioned above or Stainless Steel  as per the “Cups & Balls” wands. (see below)
Tip Materials – Available in Aluminum , Brass or Wood
Overall Length & Diameter – From close-up-sized, to stage-sized.
Tip Shape – Rounded or Flat
Wood Finish – Satin or Gloss
Tip Metal Finish – Polished or Satin Brass  and Polished or Satin Aluminum
Two-piece wands are also available!
(see below)

Also available
Custom Wand Cases
(see Below)

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"Cups & Balls" Wands

Cups and Balls wand is specially made for  just that. The shaft is 3/8” or 1/2” in diameter and made from stainless steel tubing, and the tips are made from exotic wood. That’s opposite to the typical  wood/metal wands for two reasons:

  • Many performers prefer all-wood wands in order to not damage their cups when tapping them during performance. The very attractive wood/metal combination wand that will not damage the cups because the tips are made of wood.
  • The “look” is very unusual, and the even weight distribution makes it work well for wand spins.
1-Piece "Cups & Balls" Wands are 14" x 3/8"

"Two-Piece" Wands

We also offer Two-Piece  Wands that are specially designed for that magician on the go.  The twist-apart, two-piece breakdown of the wand  allows for quick, easy storage and transport. Just as all of our wands they are hand crafted from the finest wood and metal materials. Paired with our Custom designed  Custom Wand Cases (see Below) you assured to keep your new wand  in perfect condition for many years to come.

Custom Wand Cases

I can make you a wand case (vinyl or leather) which will fit your new 1-piece or 2-piece wand perfectly!

With proper care, your Kueppers wand will last for a very long time, and this soft case will offer excellent protection. The velcro closure will help to keep your wand safe when transported in your briefcase, gig bag, or close-up case.

Custom Wands to Order:
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