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Gravity Flipper Coins


A coin is shown from both sides. The coin is held between the thumb & first finger of the left hand & held by the outside of the coin. The right hand is shown empty & passes in front of the coin. The left hand now displays 2 coins between the same fingers. The right hand now takes one of the coins away leaving one coin between the left thumb & forefinger. The right hand is opened to reveal that the second coin has VANISHED! This coin has many possibilities & will definitely be one of your personal favorites.

Thanks to the recent work of Troy Hooser, Nate Kranzo, Garrett Thomas, Josh Jay, and several others, the flipper coin is experiencing a tremendous resurgence. My gravity flippers have the thinnest-possible groove, and it’s deep enough for two standard bands or one Forever Band. The inner coin is shaved & re-edged to match its originally minted edge except where it is not possible to re-edge on some coins such as the Loonie.

Pro Gravity Flipper:
The Pro Gravity Flipper version ( only available with some coins) has an internal groove system, where there is no visible groove from the outer edge of the insert coin.



Flipper Type

Gravity Flipper, Pro Gravity Flipper, Magnetic Gravity Flipper

Milling Type

Standard Flipper, Flipper Soft, Flipper w/Re-Milled Edges, Flipper, "Soft" w/Re-Milled Edges

Currency Type

US Quarter, US State Quarter, US Half Dollar, US Sacagawea Dollar, Eisenhower Dollar, Kennedy Half Dollar, Eisenhower Dollar, Kennedy '64, Walking Liberty, Morgan, Peace Dollar, Cdn Voyageur, Canadian Quarter, Canadian Half Dollar, Canadian Loonie, Canadian Toonie (New Toonie), Canadian Toonie (Old Toonie), 2 Euro


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