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Mojo Boogie Boxes


Powered by Louisiana Swamp Fire and Cajun Hoodoo!

Three coin boxes. Two are empty. The spectator examines and fills the third with half dollars. A three-shell game for the millennium – the coins continually vanish from the box they’re in and appear in one of the other boxes. An empty box is pushed aside. just two boxes are left in play, one empty, one with the coins. The coins vanish from one box, skip the second box and the spectator finds them way over there in the discarded box!

  • The Boxes and Routine Do All The Work!
  • Auto Reset!
  • Simple Moves!
  • No Angles!
  • No Palming!
  • No Special Coins!
  • Makes The Poor Man Rich and The Rich Man Poor!
Metal Type

Aluminum, Brass

Currency Size

US Quarter, US Half Dollar, US Gold Dollar, Canadian Quarter, Canadian Half Dollar, Canadian Loonie, Canadian Toonie, English Penny, 10 pence, 50 Cent Euro, 1 Euro, 2 Euro


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