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Coin Bite (1 Fold Coin)


This is is one of those props you almost never see a magician without.
With folding coins, you can make coins appear & disappear from the most impossible places!
You can bite them, tear them, bend them and do all sorts of feats.
You are only limited by your own imagination.
I offer two different folding coins: a 1-fold coin, and a 2-fold coin.
Comes with full instructions, extra bands, and classic hard-hitting routines!

Here are three sample tricks you can perform with these folding coins.

Coin In Bottle (can only be performed with 2-fold coin)
Effect: Imagine being able to borrow & coin & a bottle from a spectator. Inserting the coin into the bottle , & passing it around .You then easily remove the coin from the bottle & return both the coin & the bottle to the spectator. Impossible? Maybe, but not for you! This is a classic in coin magic & can be repeated over & over with no set up.
Coin Bite (can be performed with 1-fold or 2-fold coin)
Effect: Borrow a coin from a spectator, and a piece is bitten from the coin. The coin is shown in full view with the piece missing. The magician draws attention to the bitten coin and spits the missing piece back at the coin. Instantly, the coin is restored to its original state. The spectator’s coin can then be handed back!
Torn and Restored (can be performed with 1-fold or 2-fold coin)
Effect: Both sides of a coin are torn away , the center piece is all that remains. With no more effort than a snap of your fingers or a wave of your hand & the coin Magically restores itself.

Great close-up magic at a great price!
Made especially for the everyday coin worker. Reliable.
Available in a variety of coin types allowing you be ready to “borrow” a coin from a variety of spectators.
Comes with full instructions, extra bands and classic hard-hitting routines

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Currency Type

US Quarter, US State Quarter, US Half Dollar, US Sacawagea Dollar, Canadian Half Dollar, Canadian Loonie (New), Canadian Loonie (Old), 50-Cent Euro, 2 Euro, Canadian Toonie (New), Canadian Toonie (Old), English Penny, English 10 Pence, Kennedy '64, Walking Liberty, Morgan Dollar, Canadian Quarter, Peace Dollar, Canadian Voyageur Dollar, Eisenhower Dollar


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