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BWAK – Black Widow Accessory Kit


BWAK Info:
Finally, 4 years after the release of the Black Widow (see here) I am happy to release a long awaited Accessory Kit. The BWAK is a 14 piece kit that will enable you to perform 6 new effects with your Black Widow. These props have been manufactured by Roy Kueppers and with care, will last for years to come. Each of the props included are packaged individually and neatly within a small easy to carry 6 compartment midge box. This particular box was selected because of its easy to carry & store size. Dimensions are 3 3/8″ X 2 1/4″ X 3/4″ ( Approx half the size of a Cigarette pack ). It will fit comfortably in any jacket, shirt or pants pocket making it easy to have with you at all times.

Purchase the Entire Kit for just $99.99 or Separate Effects individually.

Effect are as follows:
Quarter to Penny –

A quarter is placed on the back of the spectator’s open or closed hand. The Magician shows both of his hands (front & back) to be empty. He then waves both hands over the quarter without touching it and when his hands are moved away, the quarter is seen to have changed to a penny.
“Quarter-To-Penny” w/ effect & printed instructions.
Linking Pop Can Tabs
Two separate aluminum tabs are placed on the palm of a spectators hand one on top of the other. The Magician waves his hands over the tabs (without touching them) and when his hands are moved away, the spec is surprised to find that the two tabs are now linked together.
“Pop Can Tabs” w/ effect & printed instructions.
Paper Clip Transformation
A card is selected (10 of Hearts) and returned/lost somewhere in the deck. Use your favorite force. The deck is shuffled by the Magi and or the spec. The deck is held face down by the magician. The Magician introduces a Paper clip and asks the spec to attach it to the card that they think is theirs using intuition. The spec does so and the deck is turned face up. They have selected the wrong card so the Magician removes the paper clip from the card and places it on the open palm up hand of the spectator. He then waves both hands over top of the clip (without contact of the clip) and when his hands are moved away, the clip has mysteriously taken on the form of their chosen card.
“Paper Clip” w/ effect & printed instructions.
Bent Penny
A penny is placed on the palm of a spectators open hand. A wave of the Magicians hand over the penny and it Magically changes shape and becomes bent. The spec examines the penny and finds it to be solid and remain in the bent state.
“Bent Penny” w/ effect & printed instructions.
Popping Corn
The Magician places a Popcorn Kernel in the palm of a spectator’s hand. He then waves his hands over the kernel as if something Magical were to happen. After the second or third pass, the hands are moved away to reveal that the Kernel has transformed into an actual piece of Popcorn. The spec may keep/eat it if desired.
“Popcorn” w/ effect & printed instructions.
Rock Vanish
When outdoors, the Magician reaches down and picks up a twig or something similar from the ground. On a second thought he drops the item and picks up a Rock. The Rock is placed on the specs hand. The Magician then waves his hands over the Rock. The Rock vanishes in front of the spectators eyes with no other explanation other than pure Magic!
“Rock Vanish” w/ effect & printed instructions.

Kit Options

Entire BWAK, Quarter to Penny, Linking Pop Can Tabs, Paper Clip Transformation, Bent Penny, Popping Corn, Rock Vanish


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