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Scotch & Soda


A U.S. Half dollar & a Mexican Centavo are shown. Both coins are placed in an open palm of a spectator. The spec is asked to close his or her hand. The Magician asks the spec which two coins are in their hand. The spec will reply “ A U.S. Half dollar & a Mexican Centavo. When they open their hand, they will find a U.S. Half dollar & a U.S. Quarter. The Mexican Centavo has mysteriously changed into a U.S. Quarter . This is a very popular trick used by Amateur & pro Magicians around the world.

Comes complete with “Bang Ring”,  precision machined coins & full instructions and routine(s).

Choose from:
Scotch & Soda – U.S. Half dollar & Mexican Centavo
Scotch and Soda “variation” – US Half Dollar and English Penny
Vodka & Orange “variation” – US Gold Dollar & US Quarter
Rye & Coke “variation” – Canadian “Voyageur” Dollar & English Penny
Scotch & Soda “Canadian” – Canadian Half Dollar & Canadian Loonie

U.S. Half dollar & Mexican Centavo and the US Half Dollar and English Penny version are available as a Magnetic Coin.


The magic of Scotch and Soda, a spellbinding coin trick where copper and silver coins switch places in a spectator’s hands. Easy to perform, low-skill required.

Coin Type

Standard Coins, Magnetic Coins, Soft, Re-Milled, Soft & Re-Milled

Currency Type

US Half Dollar & English Penny, US Half Dollar & Mexican Centavo, US Gold Dollar & US Quarter, Canadian "Voyageur" Dollar & English Penny, Canadian Half Dollar & Canadian Loonie, Walking Liberty & English Penny, Morgan Shell & Copper Walking Liberty/Morgan Insert, Morgan Shell & Copper, Rupee/Morgan Insert, Copper Walking Liberty Shell & Morgan/Copper Walking Liberty Insert, Copper Rupee Shell & Morgan/Rupee Insert, Walking Liberty & Centavo, US Half Dollar & English Penny Magnetic


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