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Effect: A transposition effect to beat all transposition effects! A Half dollar, English penny, and Chinese coin are shown. The Half is placed in one hand and it instantly changes place with the English penny and Chinese coins held in the other hand. The effect is immediately repeated, then the coins can be handed out! The changes in this routine are even more startling due to the obvious differences in each coin’s appearance.

CSB Comes with specially gimmicked coin, full instructions for use, and c/s/b routine(s).

Choose Options for Antique or Black Chinese Coin

Choose Options for English Penny, Walking Liberty Copper or Copper Rupee



US Half Set – US Half-Dollar, English Penny, Chinese Coin With Regular Half Dollar and Chinese Coin

Canadian Toonie Set – Shell is Chinese (Brass) and the Insert is Copper/Silver (Toonie/Mexican Centavo).  Set also comes with a regular Mexican Centavo and regular Chinese coin.

Eisenhower Dollar Set – Shell is Dollar Size Chinese (Brass) and the Insert is Copper/Silver (Eisenhower Dollar/Rupee) Set also comes with a regular Rupee and regular Dollar Size Chinese coin.

Walking Liberty Set –

Morgan Dollar Set –


Black Chinese Coin, Antique Chinese Coin

Copper Type

English Penny, Walking Liberty Copper

Combo Set Type

US Half Set, Canadian Toonie Set, Eisenhower Dollar Set, Walking Liberty Set, Morgan Dollar Set, Peace Dollar Set, Kennedy 64 Set


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