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The $1.35 Trick


The $1.35 Trick: Two U.S. half dollars, one U.S. quarter & one dime are laying on the table in full view. The Magician asks the spectator how good he or she is at math. The magician picks up one coin at a time & places it under a playing card. At the same time, the spec is asked to give the total value of the coins under the card. After the final coin has been placed under the card, the spec will announce a total of $1.35 . The Magician than removes one of the half dollars & again asks the spec for the new total. He/She will announce .85 cents. At this point the Magician lifts the card from the table to reveal that no other coins remain. The spec may fully examine the only half dollar that was removed . Visually amazing & yet very easy to do. Coins are self working & specially made to last a lifetime by Roy Kueppers.
Comes with specially gimmicked coins, full instructions for use, and routine(s).

US Coins only       All Locking Coins come complete with “bang ring” and instructions.


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