Roy Kueppers

R.K. Coin Box Set


The R.K. Coin Box Set: was Specifically designed in Collaboration with David Roth used and sold at many of his lectures for years. Still available and unlike other coin boxes, this 4 piece set (Okito box, Boston box, Slot Box and 1-lid) is hand-machined from choice of aluminum or brass. Note that David Roth preferred the Brass and never personally used the Aluminum himself. Just one of a few boxes that has room for an Expanded shell. This is definitely a giant step in the design manufacture process of coin boxes!

The Aluminum boxes will never tarnish which gives them an indefinite brilliant appearance. The Brass boxes will Tarnish if not polished regularly and most users that choose Brass like the tarnishing effect as it gives the set character.

Master coin magician David Roth is SO impressed with my work that he’s made me the exclusive manufacturer for his coin boxes for years,  and was available from him at his lectures.
“These Boxes are absolutely beautiful. I just Love the way Roy machined these boxes. The edges are nicely rounded, the walls are nice and thick which works well for balancing a coin on, they are nicely polished and the weight is perfect. They also hold an Expanded shell which is what I wanted. What else can I say except that everything about them is just great”! – David Roth

Set Includes 1 Okito Box, 1 Boston Box, 1 Slot Box and 1-lid


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