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R.K. Coin Box Set


The R.K. Coin Box Set: This Box & Lid design & dimensions was created by me in the 90’s and was available in Brass and Aluminum. In early 2000’s David Roth contacted me about wanting to sell my boxes for his lectures and at Fantasma Magic shop in NYC. He mentioned that he had seen my Mojo Boogie Boxes ( released by myself and Bob Farmer) in the 90’s and liked how meaty my boxes were. I drove to New York city to meet with him in person and took samples of my boxes with me. we met at FAO Schwartz toy store where he was working at the time. He immediately fell in love with my boxes and commented on how he liked the characteristics of my boxes which included the extra height so that the coins did not come flush to the top of the box when nested in the box, The Rim thickness that was much thicker which worked well with his rim steal etc, the rounded edges (which worked well with the thicker walls and still allow the rim steal), and he was overall impressed with the fact that “I understood how boxes should be made”. After that meeting,he worked out an arrangement with Roger Dryer where my box sets would be sold at Fantasma Magic shop as David Roth boxes. The inital run was 100 sets. The set was sold as a 4 piece set that included a Lid, Boston Box, Okito Box & Slot box which is how he sold the set since the early 70’s. Having said that, I have seen a few different sets that he sold over the years and none were made with my specs. Previous sets were made shallower and with much thinner wall thickness and also had sharper edges etc. Note that David Roth preferred the Brass and never personally used the Aluminum himself.

The Aluminum boxes will never tarnish which gives them an indefinite brilliant appearance. The Brass boxes will Tarnish if not polished regularly and most users that choose Brass like the tarnishing effect as it gives the set character.

Master coin magician David Roth was so impressed with my attention to detail on coin boxes that he sold only my coin boxes for years, and was available from him at his lectures as well as Fantasma magic shop in New York city where he worked, demo’d and sold my version of the Boxes.
“These Boxes are absolutely beautiful. I just Love the way Roy machined these boxes. The edges are nicely rounded, the walls are nice and thick which works well for balancing a coin on, they are nicely polished and the weight is perfect. And they hold an expanded shell which I use in some of my routines. What else can I say except that everything about them is just great”! – David Roth

Set Includes 1 Okito Box, 1 Boston Box, 1 Slot Box and 1-lid


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