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Two-Sided Coins


Two Sided (Same on Both Sides!)
This item includes “None Out Of Three, Bob Farmers ingenious routine for two-sided coins.

You and the mark each throw a set amount into the pot. The mark begins to shake 3 coins together in his or her fist. Asked to pick heads or tails, the mark picks heads. The coins are thrown on the table. If three heads show up, the mark wins; if three tails shows up, you win. If there is a mix of heads and tails, nobody wins and each party again throw more money into the pot. This back and forth continues until somebody wins.

The Outcome: You win 100% of the time!!!!

Milling Type

Standard Two-Sided, Two-Sided, "Soft", Two-Sided, w/Re-Milled Edges, Two-Sided, "Soft" w/Re-Milled Edges, Two Sided US Quarter Heads, Two Sided US Quarter Tails

Currency Type

US Nickel, US Quarter, US State Quarter, US Half Dollar, Eisenhower Dollar, US Sacajawea Dollar, Canadian Nickel, Canadian Quarter, Canadian Loonie (Old), Canadian Loonie (New), Canadian Toonie (Old), Canadian Toonie (New), 50-Cent Euro, 1 Euro, 2 Euro, English Penny, English 10-Pence, Kennedy '64, Walking Liberty, Morgan Dollar, Peace Dollar, Two Sided US Quarter Heads, Two Sided US Quarter Tails


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