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Un-Expanded Shell & Inserts


Un-Expanded Shell Sets use an unexpanded shell along with inner coins which are shaved & re-edged to match their originally minted edging. Since the shell is un-expanded, it suffers absolutely no distortion, and since the inner edge of the shell and the outer edge of the inserts are both hand-milled by me, the perfectly-round match is more exact than in an expanded set. Also, re-milled edges make for a better palm-grip.

Shell Sets

Shell with 1 Shaved Insert, Shell with 4 Shaved Insert


Standard Shell, Soft, Re-Milled Edges, Soft & Re-Milled Edges, Shimmed Shell (Attracted to Magnets)

Currency Type

US Penny, US Nickel, US Quarter (Eagle Back), US State Quarter, US Half Dollar, US Dollar (Gold Sacawagea), US Dollar (Gold Liberty), Eisenhower Dollar, Kennedy '64, Walking Liberty, Morgan Dollar, Peace Dollar, Cdn Voyageur, Canadian Penny, Canadian Quarter, Canadian Half Dollar, Canadian Loonie, Canadian Toonie, 50 Cent Euro, 2 Euro, English Penny, Mexican 20 Centavo, 10 Pence


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