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My Jumbo Chinese coins are of the Highest Quality available. These are now available in Black & Antique finishes. They are made from metal so have a nice solid feel to them.

I also manufacture Canadian JUMBO COINS !

The Toonie is polished Nickel with the Gold center being 24k Gold plated. The entire Loonie will be 24k Gold plated. The years of these coins will be 2010. I realize that 2010 brings an Olympic version of the Loonie but the regular Loonies are also being minted so I went with the normal look so that coins from other years will still match in appearance as well. The Toonie is being minted as per usual so the Jumbo Toonie will match other years as well.

I also offer Jumbo Shells for your Jumbo Loonie Coins!

Each coin is packaged in a velvet draw string pouch displaying the Roy Kueppers World of Magic Logo.

I’ve always done my best to supply Magicians world wide with a high Quality product whether it is a common folding coin or a Custom Silver Expanded Shell from 1921. These Jumbo coins are no exception. I’m sure you will agree that the Quality of these coins is second to none ! Being of solid metal, they look & feel just like the real thing and are nicely weighted as well.

Coin Type

3" Jumbo Loonie, 3" Jumbo Toonie, 3" Jumbo Loonie Shell, 3" Jumbo Loonie Shell w/ Insert, Jumbo Chinese coin Black, Jumbo Chinese coin Antique


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