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Gaffed Ellusionist Pirate Coins


We provide top of the line gaffs for the Pirate Coins. Including

• Flipper coins
• Expanded Shells
• Folding coins
• Two sided
• Magnetic coins
• Shimmed
• Coin Bite

The half dollar size ‘Pirate Coins’ were created for the performer who desires all of the beauty and richness that is found in coin magic, while not compromising on practicality.

On the back is the fierce Captain’s most famous quote, surrounded by two razor-sharp cutlasses:

“I am a man of fortune, and must seek my fortune” – Captain Henry Every

On the face is the infamous skull & crossbones, said to be Every’s flagship symbol. Although no first-hand accounts survive from his crew or victims.
This is underscored by the date and name of Piracy’s greatest exploit. Gunsway.
Masterfully crafted with an antique gold finish, the Pirate coins have been beautifully designed to be perfect for coin work.
Precisely milled edges make even the most hardcore coin moves feel easier, even with moist hands.

Fact List
• The exact diameter of a Kennedy Half Dollar. (The most popular size in coin magic)
• Antique Pirate Gold Finish.
• Ferromagnetic Core – these coins will stick to a magnet, and can be magnetized themselves.
• Milled Edges to create lasting grip with even the most difficult sleights.
• Scratch & Impact resistant.

You can buy the ungaffed coins from Ellusionist,  and send them to me for gaffing, OR you can buy them from me to save time & money.
Coins From

Coin provided by YOU, Coin provided by R.K

Gaff type

Expanded Shell, Expanded & Shimmed Shell, Shimmed Coin, Magnetic Coin, Flipper Coin, Coin-In-Bottle, Bite-Out


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