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Expanded Shells & Inserts


Expanded Shell Sets use an expanded shell along with ungaffed inner coins which are hand-picked for an exact size-match as well as for overall appearance matching. With expanded shells, it is possible (with some searching) to find other ungaffed, matching fits. An expanded shell might also fit your other normal-sized gaffs, like your flipper coin.

When it comes to precision-crafted shell sets, you have a choice! Expanded vs Unexpanded. Some magicians swear by one, some swear by the other, and some use each in a different context. Each has its own strengths and its own limitations.

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Single or Shell Sets

Expanded Shell only, Expanded Shell w/ 1 Matching Insert, Expanded Shell w/ 4 Matching Inserts


Standard Shell, Soft, Re-Milled Edges, Soft & Re-Milled Edges, Shimmed Shell (Attracted to Magnets)

Currency Type

US Penny, US Nickel, US Quarter (Eagle Back), US State Quarter, US Half Dollar, US Dollar (Gold Sacawagea), US Dollar (Gold Liberty), Eisenhower Dollar, Kennedy '64, Walking Liberty, Morgan Dollar, Peace Dollar, Cdn Voyageur, Canadian Penny, Canadian Quarter, Canadian Half Dollar, Canadian Loonie, Canadian Toonie, 50 Cent Euro, 2 Euro, English Penny, Mexican 20 Centavo, 10 Pence


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