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Gaffed Ellusionist Artifact R2 Coins


This coin has been discontinue by Ellusionist although if you have one will can still provide our service.

We provide top of the line gaffs for the Artifact R2 Coins. Including

• Flipper coins
• Expanded Shells
• Folding coins
• Two sided
• Magnetic coins
• Shimmed
• Coin Bite
• Copper/Silver

The Artifact R2 Coins were created for the coin man who desires all of the properties, beauty, and antique richness that are found in coins such as the Walking Liberty or the Barber Half dollar, without the heavy price tag associated with original antique coins.

• Masterfully crafted and beautifully designed.
• Cast in soft metal as recommended by top coin magicians.
• Low ‘talk’ and noise.
• Smooth glide.
• Edges & milling engineered to match antique, worn coins.
• Designed in house by Jason Brumbalow, Lee McKenzii, and Brad Christian.
• Highly resistant to wear, scratches and impact.
• Size of US half-dollar dimensions – Weight 11.8g – Diameter 30.5 mm – Thickness 2.7mm
• Size of US Dollar dimensions – Weight 26.7g – Diameter 38.8 mm – Thickness 2.7mm

Artifact Revision 2 New Features & Enhancements:

• New US Dollar size (by demand).
• New Latin phrases on coin face.
• New Copper color for color changes.
• Sharper edges & deeper milling for better grip.

You can buy the ungaffed coins from Ellusionist, and send them to me for gaffing, OR you can buy them from me to save time & money.
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Metal Type

Copper, Silver

Currency Size

Half-Dollar Size w/ Coins from YOU, Half-Dollar Size w/ Coins from R.K, Dollar Size w/ Coins from YOU, Dollar Size w/ Coins from R.K.

Gaff type

Expanded Shell, Expanded & Shimmed Shell, Shimmed Coin, Magnetic Coin, Flipper Coin, Coin-In-Bottle, Bite-Out, Copper/Silver


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