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Metal 3 Gaffs – By Eric Jones & Ellusionist:
The visual nature increases exponentially in Metal 3. If you can’t perform something truly unbelievable, then just…. cheat! What better way to cheat the system than to use gaffed coins. Coin gaffs take coin magic to a whole new arena. Metal gave you an effective base in coin magic. Metal 2 built a strong foundation to hone your skills. Metal 3 takes it to the next level, with professional gaff handling, opening you up to a new realm. Buy the Eric Jones – Metal 3: Gaffed Coin Magic – Click here

Since “Metal 3” was released last month, I have received numerous inquiries about the coin gaffs Eric uses in the DVD. Therefore, I am simplifying your search by listing the coin sets  that are needed to perform the routines on the DVD.

Eric uses 2 Copper/Silver coins in his routines. One is Tails/Tails and the other is Heads/Heads.
He also uses a set that he has named OXF, which involves a Shimmed Shell and a Magnetic Flipper.
The Flipper coin and Expanded shell are used in a couple of his routines on the DVD and are available on this site under Flipper coins and under Expanded Shells.

Set Type

Copper Silver Set, OXF Set, Glitch Change Set, Complete OXF Package

Currency Type

Regular Kennedy Half Dollar Set, Walking Liberty Set, Morgan Dollar set


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